What is a “traditional” kennel?
Haggett Hill KennelA “traditional” kennel has a setup where each dog (or family of dogs) has their own “run”. It’s usually set up with a smaller indoor area, or kennel, and a long outdoor area, or “run”, in which they can run around and stretch their legs. They’re usually set up with graded cement flooring and chain link fence.

Why cement?
While vaccinations are required there are many variables and illnesses that can’t always be accounted for. Most of these are transmitted through urine and feces, the most common being parasites. The cement allows us to sterilize and wash each kennel, preventing it from spreading to the next dog. So why not grass or stones? Most parasites can live in the soil. Hookworms, roundworms, parvo and giardia are just a few diseases that can live from months to years in the dirt. Stones would have to be removed and replaced, at a great cost, to be certain the infection was gone. And all it would take is one dog.

Why chain link?
Chain link fencing allows the dogs to see and hear each other clearly, while establishing boundaries for each dog. These boundaries give each dog a sense of personal space, and therefore security. Dogs with dog aggression or who are fearful/nervous, around humans or dogs, are comforted by this; as a result we see almost no aggression at all and many dogs come out of their shell after just a few visits.

For most dogs it’s more like sending your kids to camp; it’s structured play-time, feed-time, and sleep-time. Many dogs find great enjoyment in racing other dogs back and forth, or chasing one another when they have a toy and they eagerly wait being let out into their runs in the mornings to greet their friends.

What sets Haggett Hill Kennel apart?
Haggett Hill KennelWhile the kennel itself may look a bit older, the priority over the years; first and foremost, has been to make improvements and changes to make the dogs feel more comfortable and secure.

On the inside of each of the kennels there are raised plastic floors, that keep the dogs up off the cold cement, and they’re grated so that any accidents fall through so the dogs aren’t stepping in it.  There is a barrier between each of the inside kennels so that the dogs can feel like they have their own space when they come in to nap or eat. This makes the dogs feel more relaxed and reduces the intimidation that commonly occurs when dogs are fed near each other.

We like to call our outside runs “patios”, since it is covered with clear siding and mosquito netting, much like a patio on a home. The roof has clear sections so the dogs get the benefit of the sunlight without having to worry about weather. The netting prevents any pesky critters from getting in, with the added benefit of reducing the risk of insect born diseases (i.e.heartworm, west nile). During the winter time clear siding folds down to keep the cold out, while still allowing the sun in. The outside kennels are separated by about a foot of cement wall and then chain link fence. This allows the dogs to still see each other but enforces the feeling of their own space.

The Cat House
Haggett Hill KennelThe cat house is a separate building custom built by Debbie. The goal was to have a separate space, so the cats wouldn’t have to hear the dogs. The Cat House features heated flooring, A/C, and constant classical music.

Each Stall
Each cat enclosure goes from the floor to the ceiling and is comprised of two stories, one resting ledge and one jumping ledge.  This allows the cats to get a better view, and sit at the level they feel most comfortable. 11 of the 15 stalls have large windows that span from the resting ledge all the way up to the top of the second story, giving ideal views for bird watching and plenty of sun for sun bathing. Ramps and carpeted stools are available for some of the enclosures, allowing older cats to get up on the perches without having to struggle. Each enclosure is comprised of plastic and wood so that it is easily sanitized and so the cats cannot directly see their neighbor, since this can stress them out. The front of the stall has a caged door so that they may
watch the rest of the cat house, and us.
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